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Your supply
chain partner.

Mission statement

As logistics partner to our customers' supply chain, we achieve the highest standards in quality and innovation!

As a strong and reliable logistics partner to our customers’ supply chains, we align our company to the requirements and demands of the supply chain, use them as our benchmark, and view this as a key component of our philosophy. Our actions aim to generate long-term customer benefits that, in turn, create genuine added value for our customers. We are committed to and driven by continuous quality improvements and the quest for innovation.


We are a forward-looking international contract logistics services provider in one of the strongest-growing European markets. Our services set standards – worldwide. They stand for quality, innovation and the highest customer satisfaction.
We are backed by a skilled, efficient, committed and entrepreneurial-minded team of employees. At six state-of-the-art logistics centres in the EU, we provide our customers with high-quality, precisely customised logistics and added-value services along the entire value chain, day in and day out.

By consistently focusing on the demanding health care and industry solutions sectors and leveraging our long-standing expertise in logistics and project management, we develop and implement tailor-made best practice solutions for our customers.

Kurt Grieshaber, Chairman:

“We view ourselves as partner to our customers, and consider respect and mutual trust to be indispensable core values of our partnerships.”

Aerial image Bad Säckingen
Aerial image Bad Säckingen
Bad Säckingen location
Bad Säckingen location
Grieshaber LKW
Grieshaber fleet

Our values

The core values manifested in our philosophy and reflected in our internal and external activities are both a foundation and a guiding light. Together, they form the binding framework for our decisions, actions and policies. They shape and define our corporate culture and identity, and are thus an indispensable part of our self-image.

  • We are driven by a pioneering spirit and innovative strength!
  • We are active agents of change!
  • We strive to achieve economic success and so secure our future!
  • We are an independent, family-owned company!
  • Customer benefit is at the forefront of our actions!
  • We support and challenge our employees!

Corporate social responsibility

Assuming responsibility
This is part of our philosophy as a family-owned business, and is firmly rooted in our value system. In addition to our economic responsibility as a company, we are also fully aware of our social, societal, environmental and ecological commitments. We meet this responsibility by considering the interests of our employees, customers, business partners and suppliers, as well as those of society as a whole, when making our decisions. Our multifaceted commitment and involvement demonstrates our corporate responsibility for the world in which we live.

Acting responsibly
We view our corporate responsibility as both an obligation and an opportunity! With this as our perspective, Grieshaber has been committed to supporting and sponsoring specifically selected social projects, facilities and initiatives for many years now, whether they are educational, humanitarian or charitable in nature or focus on sports. Our commitment and involvement primarily concentrates on the regions in which we operate, with the aim of actively contributing to the positive development of our immediate environment.


Strength through partnership
We view partnerships as an essential contribution to customer orientation, and through our strong network of partners, we offer our customers bundled competence, continuous added value and profound expert know-how.
Mutual trust and respect are the valuable foundations of our co-operations.

Logo der ASTRE


As a member of ASTRE, Grieshaber is part of an international network comprising about 260 medium-sized transport and logistics companies. The services of the pan-European group are characterised by the design, development and optimisation of customised transport and logistics solutions.

The diversity of services provided by the member companies, which are specialised in a variety of areas, in conjunction with the closely meshed network of locations in central Europe create a comprehensive service portfolio and a broad spectrum of tailor-made solutions for a wide range of requirements. The core of the network is the ASTRE Palet System, an integrated, Europe-wide pallet distribution network structured into transit platforms and distribution centres that ensure on-schedule delivery of palletised shipments all across Europe.

The organisation, which was established in 1992, maintains a fleet of around 15,000 vehicles in Europe, has approximately 3,400,000 m² of space in warehousing and logistics facilities, and employs more than 10,000 people.

Website: www.astre.fr

Logo des International Packaging Institute

IPI – International Packaging Institute

The International Packaging Institute, headquartered in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland, is the leading international competence centre for lightweight primary packaging. It was established by international corporations in the packaging industry, in partnership with highly esteemed universities and in close cooperation with industry associations and a unique pool of experts in the field of packaging technology.

Its activities focus on promoting academic development, offering scientific services and consulting, as well as organising platform events to foster technology transfer.

IPI’s mission focuses on ensuring high-quality education and further training for managers in the international packaging industry, serving as a technological hub between the packaging industry and packing industry and for the related scientific and technological institutions, as well as strengthening and expanding the technological leadership position of the packaging industry.

Website: www.ipi.eu