History - For more than 70 years
Grieshaber Logistics Group AG

Since the company was founded in 1951, Grieshaber Logistics Group AG has developed into an internationally active logistics service provider with several locations in Germany and France. In recent years, it has successfully completed the transformation from a pure transport provider to an international contract logistics service provider - with a consistent product line strategy in the areas of Health Care Solutions and Industry Solutions.

The rapid pace of change, globalisation and virtualisation is a constant challenge today. This makes living values and a stable corporate culture all the more important as a counterweight. Even today, the corporate values laid down by Heinrich Grieshaber senior more than 50 years ago, such as diligence, perseverance, reliability and customer orientation, have a firm place in our daily work. Combining tradition and progress in a meaningful way is our formula for a successful future.

Picture: Heinrich Grieshaber (senior) and his wife Paula

E-book of our 70th anniversary in 2021



The milestones of our corporate development:



Heinrich Grieshaber Sr. founded his haulage business in Rotzel in 1951. At the beginning with a tractor, later with a self-assembled truck, milk was transported from the Hotzenwald to the dairy in Waldshut. The one-man business developed quickly and in 1953 and 1954 the first used trucks were purchased.




In 1956-59, the first three new MAN trucks with Kässbohrer trailers were put into operation. The company has remained faithful to this brand to this day.

Heinrich Grieshaber on a Kramer tractor
A dream before your eyes - Heinrich sen. Grieshaber on a Kramer tractor
MAN-Trucks 1956-1959
New building and move from Rotzel to Laufenburg-Luttingen
A new era begins - New building and move from Rotzel to Laufenburg-Luttingen
Trucks 1965
Trucks 1965




1961 saw the relocation of the company headquarters  to the Bundesstraße 34, to Laufenburg-Luttingen. The next important step in the company's development came with the construction of a new workshop and office building with a yard area.

In 1962, Kurt Grieshaber joined his parents' company as a trained forwarding agent.




Until 1964, only local freight transport was carried out. The granting of the first long-distance freight transport concession laid the foundation for the development of national and international transport. In the following years, several long-distance freight transport concessions were granted by the South Baden Regional Council or acquired by purchase from other companies.




In 1967, Inge Grieshaber, Kurt Grieshaber's wife, joined the company as its first commercial employee and became an important pillar in the further expansion of the company in the years to come. Klaus Romeike followed as the first commercial employee in 1969 and became an important person in the expansion of the company.



In 1969, the so-called "Leberpfennig" was introduced by the then Minister of Transport, Leber. This changed the transport landscape and Grieshaber was able to profit from these changes by gaining significant new customers.

The purchase of a long-distance freight transport company in Weingarten-Ravensburg took this development into account. At that time, the company had a fleet of 30 vehicles.

In 1969, the Freiburg/Breisgau branch was founded. This allowed the radius of the local transport zone to be significantly extended.

1971 Heinrich Grieshaber joined the company as a trained car mechanic and graduate engineer and took over responsibility for the Weingarten branch.




In addition to the hitherto pure transport activities, the 1970s were characterised by the development of the warehouse business. The warehouse space in Laufenburg-Luttingen was expanded step by step. In 1974, a new, modern forwarding facility was built on a greenfield site in Weingarten.




In the Möslehalle in Laufenburg-Luttingen, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary with customers and business partners. In the anniversary year, 60 people were employed and the fleet consisted of 50 trucks.

In 1976, the company moved from Freiburg to Umkirch by renting a freight forwarding facility.




1978  saw the transformation of the company from a sole proprietorship into a limited partnership. The sons Kurt Grieshaber and Heinrich Grieshaber Junior were admitted as partners.

Paper Warhouse 1970s
1975 New building Weingarten
1976 - Headquarters Laufenburg-Luttingen
1978 Freight forwarding facility and vehicle fleet of the Grieshaber location Freiburg-Umkirch
Entry into intermodal traffic
MAN delivers the 100th truck to Kurt Grieshaber



With the participation in Kombiverkehr AG Frankfurt, the entry into combined rail-road transport began.

In cooperation with 10 German freight forwarders, GEMID was founded with headquarters in Düsseldorf. This merger was prompted by the requirements of the shipping industry, which demanded services from a single source. The following years were characterised by extensions to the forwarding facilities and the further expansion of the vehicle fleet.







The company was transformed into the legal form Grieshaber Transport & Logistik GmbH & Ko KG. Through the acquisition of shareholdings, important service segments were integrated into the Grieshaber company.

After the death of the company founders Heinrich and Paula Grieshaber, Kurt and Heinrich Grieshaber Junior took over the entire company.

MAN delivers the 100th truck to Kurt Grieshaber.



The acquisition of Isebarn Spedition, Weil am Rhein, Isebarn AG, Basel, and Breuer Spedition, Cologne, was an important step for further development.

In 1990, the company grew to 200 employees, had a fleet of 100 trucks and a storage area of 25,000 square metres.




In 1992, the long-distance freight transport concessions were abolished and the freight control was lifted. The liberalisation of the transport market lifted all restrictions and the free market brought new impetus for further developments of the company.

The cooperation with a pharmaceutical wholesaler and the associated takeover of the central warehouse for pharmaceutical logistics was significant. For this purpose, a new branch was founded in Schlüchtern/Hesse and a larger property was rented.

With the participation in Alpa Spedition Albbruck and Mochenwangen together with two regional forwarding partners, the paper logistics activities for two paper mills from the region were taken over.

Foundation of the Schlüchtern-Fulda location and start of logistics pharma
1994 – New building of logistics centre F-Hombourg
1998 New extension building Grieshaber France in F-Hombourg
1998 New logistics centre in Bad Säckingen and 1999 Relocation from Laufenburg to Bad Säckingen
1999 Foundation of PLI - Papier Logistik International
Enterpreneur of the Year" award ceremony in Frankfurt



Isebarn Spedition, Weil am Rhein, acquired in 1990, was integrated into Grieshaber both legally and operationally. With the new building at the Hombourg site near Mulhouse/France, the Weil am Rhein site was dissolved and continued at the new location.

With the award for special corporate development, Grieshaber was included in the Top 100 in the logistics ranking.

With investments of over 40 million Deutschmarks, Grieshaber had prepared itself for the European market and employed 320 people at 6 locations. The company now generates 40 percent of its turnover from the logistics and warehousing business.


1998 & 1999


Since the possibilities for expansion at the Laufenburg-Luttingen site were limited, the search was on for industrial sites in the region for the construction of a new forwarding facility. In Bad Säckingen, with the support of the then mayor Dr. Nufer, they found what they were looking for. A modern logistics facility was built in the Trottäcker industrial estate, which was occupied in June 1999. At the new location, logistics and value-added activities were opened up to a new clientele, paving the way for the logistics future.

Grieshaber France expanded its capacities by 3,000 pallet spaces with the construction of a new high-bay warehouse  .

With the foundation and participation in Papier Logistik International - PLI - a significant step was taken in the field of paper logistics in Germany and Switzerland.  

Foundation of PLI - Papier Logistik International, Dachau with the shareholders 
Burda, Offenburg
Eckert Transport+Logistik, Albbruck
Grieshaber Transport+Logistik, Bad Säckingen
Ristelhueber Spedition, Waldshut

Grieshaber's development also attracted the interest of the public and the press. For example, the company was named a finalist for the "Entrepreneur of the Year 1999" award at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt/Main.



In 2000, the company was converted into a public limited company with 100% participation of the Grieshaber families. In 2001, the 50th company anniversary and the official opening, combined with an open day, took place in the new logistics centre in Bad Säckingen with the participation of business partners.

50th company anniversary at the headquarters in Bad Säckingen in 2001 (to the left K. Grieshaber, to the right H. Grieshaber)
1st place in the competition "Logistics Service Provider" of the Year 2002" from Baden-Württemberg

2001 & 2002


At the German Logistics Congress 2001 in Berlin, our customer ANZAG and Grieshaber Transport & Logistik AG were awarded the German Logistics Prize.

In the Baden-Württemberg competition "Service Provider of the Year 2002", Grieshaber achieved 1st place and was awarded the prize by the Minister of Economics, Döring.  

In the same year, Kurt Grieshaber was elected President of the Hochrhein Chamber of Industry and Commerce.



With Katja-Tonne Grieshaber and her husband Ulf Tonne in 2002, and with Andreas Grieshaber in 2004, the next generation entered the company.




The company Grieshaber Logistik AG was split up in a real division. Kurt Grieshaber, together with Inge Grieshaber, Katja Tonne-Grieshaber and Andreas Grieshaber, took over Grieshaber Logistics Group AG in Bad Säckingen. Heinrich Grieshaber took over Grieshaber Logistik AG in Weingarten. Dirk Palder, Prof. Peter Klaus and André Dosé are elected to the Supervisory Board. Kurt Grieshaber is elected sole member of the Executive Board.

As a joint venture, the subsidiary caremexx GmbH was founded with ANZAG under the management of Andreas Grieshaber.

The newly founded Grieshaber Academy is managed by Katja Tonne-Grieshaber.

In the same year, the new location in Gernsheim near Darmstadt was founded and the logistics for an automotive supplier were taken over.

New construction of pharmaceutical logistics centre Flieden near Fulda
Location of Caremexx GmbH in Flieden
2005 Location Gernsheim
Logistics centre expansion F-Hombourg
2007 – Expansion of the Bad Säckingen headquarters to include a pharmaceutical logistics centre



In 2006, Grieshaber AG Basel was relocated to Dübendorf/ Zurich .

With the new building and expansion of Grieshaber France at the F-Hombourg site, the logistics area was extended by a further 7,000 sqm.





In 2007, the Bad Säckingen site was expanded with the construction of the new Hall 4. This involved an investment of 7 million euros and the creation of 50 additional jobs. In the same year, warehouse logistics were taken over for a major customer in the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, a central warehouse location in Biebesheim/Darmstadt was planned and implemented together with this customer. For the Bad Säckingen and Flieden locations, the company was granted wholesale permission.

The then Minister President Günther Oettinger visited Grieshaber in Bad Säckingen and informed himself about the company and its development.



The Grieshaber subsidiary caremexx GmbH was awarded "Service Provider of the Year" in 2008 by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics. 

Grieshaber acquires from the town of Rheinfelden for the location and construction of a logistics park with an area of 100,000 sqm and begins planning for the new site. 

In 2008, 500 employees are employed at six locations.




Grieshaber expands the board. The previous sole board member Kurt Grieshaber receives support for future tasks with Toni Elbert and Ulf Tonne as new board members. The Business Unit Management is installed as a second management level. 

In recognition of his extraordinary economic achievements, Kurt Grieshaber receives the Economic Medal of the State of Baden-Württemberg from the Minister of Economics, Ernst Pfister.  

More than 500 visitors at the open day are interested in the world of logistics at the headquarters in Bad Säckingen. 

Board expansion 2009 (from left to right Toni Elbert, Kurt Grieshaber, Ulf Tonne)
Kurt Grieshaber receives the Economy Medal of the State of Ba-Wü from Minister of Economics Ernst Pfister



Grieshaber focuses on the environment and commissions the largest rooftop photovoltaic system in the High Rhine region at its headquarters in Bad Säckingen with 12,700 sqm.

Wholesale permission was granted for the pharmaceutical site in Flieden  .

Grieshaber successfully participates in the tender for the employer competition "Jobmotor" and is awarded a prize.



Signing of the purchase contract for 100,000 sqm in Rheinfelden.

Photovoltaic system Bad Säckingen
Award winners of the employer competition "Jobmotor" (Katja Tonne-Grieshaber and Toni Elbert)
Kurt Grieshaber (left) and Lord Mayor Niethammer (right): Signing of the purchase contract for the new building in Rheinfelden
f.l.t.r. Toni Elbert, Kurt Grieshaber, Ulf Tonne



Winner of the German Logistics Service Award.

For a unique cooperation project of the Grieshaber Logistics Group with Fresenius Medical Care under the title "Partnership in Growth", the company is honoured with the Logistics Service Award.

Grieshaber organises the structure of the company into the Health Care and Industry Solutions sectors.



Foundation of the Müllheim (Baden) site and commissioning of a logistics facility with 3,000 sqm.


Groundbreaking ceremony for the major investment at the new Rheinfelden site. 

Location in Müllheim
Logistik Park Hochrhein, Rheinfelden
Logistik Park Hochrhein, Rheinfelden



After nine months of construction, the logistics park in Rheinfelden was put into operation in June 2013 with an area of over 27,000 sqm. Here, high-quality services are provided for existing and new customers with the latest infrastructures for the health care and industry solutions sectors.

Dr Thomas Trümper is elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board and replaces Dirk Palder, who has held this position since 2005. Other members of the Supervisory Board are Prof. Peter Klaus and André Dose.



The Rhine-Main region is becoming increasingly important for the development of the company. With the new construction of the Rhine-Main Logistics Park with the most modern infrastructures including cold storage facilities with an area of 26,000 sqm, the high customer requirements are met in the best possible way.


Grieshaber is rewarded for its above-average job creation with the "Job Motor of the Year 2014" award.


Kurt Grieshaber ends his work as President of the Hochrhein Chamber of Industry and Commerce after 14 years and is awarded the Federal Cross of Merit by Minister President Kretschmann at a ceremony. He is appointed Honorary President of the Hochrhein Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

2014 – Logistik Park Rhein-Main, Biebesheim
Job Motor Award
Kurt Grieshaber (right) with Minister President Kretschmann (left)

2015 bis 2017


In 2015, Grieshaber is granted the manufacturing and import licence as well as the status of "Regulated Agent" by the German Federal Aviation Authority.

Prof. Peter Klaus retires from the Supervisory Board after eleven years. His successor is Carsten Glos. Andreas Grieshaber is appointed as a further member of the Executive Board.


Granting of the authorisation as "Authorised Economic Operator" (AEO)


Granting of permission to import investigational medicinal products for use in humans in accordance with 72 Para. 1 AMG for the Logistics Park Rhine-Main



2018 was a good year for the Grieshaber Logistics Group with growth in all business areas. Over 600 employees are employed at the various locations.

The training of young people is documented with an average of 25 apprenticeships per year. With extensive further training offers via the Grieshaber Academy, employees are trained to the latest standards.




Grieshaber donates 29 sun loungers to the towns of Laufenburg, Murg, Bad Säckingen and Rheinfelden for relaxation and beautiful moments.

Sky lounger in Obersäckingen
f.l.t.r. Kurt Grieshaber (Vors.), Toni Elbert, Christian Moog, Ulf Tonne



Christian Moog, a graduate industrial engineer, will be appointed to the Executive Board on 1 January 2020 and will be responsible for project and administrative IT, automation, innovation and sales.

The Corona pandemic is dominating companies and their processes. Grieshaber is also affected by it and has convened a crisis team at short notice and put together corresponding packages of measures, parts of which are increased home office, additional work shifts, protective and hygiene measures. At the same time, the Safedi contact tracing system is being installed to keep employees at a safe distance.



In Hombourg, another hall construction with 5500 sqm is completed.



Planning for the expansion of the Hochrhein Logistics Park begins.

A new logistics facility with a volume of 15,000 sqm is commissioned in Weiterstadt-Darmstadt for logistics services for the pharmaceutical industry.
The operational start-up is scheduled for 2023.



On 1 September 2021, a logistics facility with offices, handling and assembly areas, and a high-bay warehouse will be rented at the Müllheim site. Müllheim thus has further opportunities for growth.

Aerial view Grieshaber France, F-Hombourg with the extension building
New logistics facility in Müllheim



On 01.10.2022, the Chairman of the Board Kurt Grieshaber celebrates his 60th anniversary with the company. The employees organised a plane with a banner bearing the words "Thank you Kurt Grieshaber". It flew over the Grieshaber locations.

At the same time, the employees at the Bad Säckingen site formed the celebratory number "60".


On the same date, Kurt Grieshaber resigned from the Board of Management. His daughter Katja-Tonne Grieshaber (Dipl.-Kauffrau) joins the board as a new member, expanding the existing board team consisting of Ulf Tonne, Toni Elbert and Christian Moog.



The Hochrhein Logistics Park is equipped with a photovoltaic system.
Grieshaber thus reacts to the energy market and creates independence and redundancy!



With the decision of May 05, 2023, Kurt Grieshaber and Prof. Dr. Herbert Schuster will become new members of the Supervisory Board of Grieshaber Logistics Group AG. Kurt Grieshaber will now continue to accompany the family business through his participation in the Supervisory Board. With Prof. Dr. Herbert Schuster, the Grieshaber Group has won over an expert in digitalization & transformation, big data and data science as well as AI (artificial intelligence) & deep learning.


On May 10, 2023, the Logivisor Award was presented at the Munich Transport and Logistics Fair. The "Logistics Service Provider of the Future" was chosen in the four branch categories Industry, Pharma / HealthCare, Trade as well as Consumer Goods. Grieshaber entered the competition with the project "GRIESHABER LEAD LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT MODEL - Establishment of an EU central warehouse for the international direct supply of operating theaters for the Alcon Group", and was thus awarded the "Logistics Service Provider of the Future" in the industry category "Pharma/HealthCare".



On 01.08.2023, the LCW - Logistik Center Weiterstadt - started. The state-of-the-art and pharma-compliant logistics facility is DGNB Gold certified and stands out as a GxP-compliant facility where, among other things, cold chain handling can also be guaranteed.

The 10,000 square metres of storage space feature three temperature and storage zones in the refrigerated, (2°C to 8°C) and ambient (15°C to 25°C) areas, as well as a temperature-controlled area for hazardous materials.